House in Stafford R.S.S Blog By Matthew Harvey 28.04.2012

Post date: Apr 28, 2012 10:27:06 AM

Tressa, Netty, Matty & Lauren.

7:00pm, we had a chat to the home owners to get some details about some of the stories that we have heard, they shows us some of the hotspots, tressa taken some pictures upstairs while the rest of the group was getting the equipment ready.

10:00 We decided to do some lone viduals, lauren in room 1, netty in room 2, tressa and matty in room 4. the rooms all seem very calms, no actvity,

11:00 We had a break to wait for the witching hours which are between 12;00 - 3:00am

11:45 All went back up stairs to start the propper investigation, everyone one went back intot the same rooms. Matty Started with lauren in room 1, while tressa had some toys one the floor in room 4, and netty and the cat was in room 2. Matty filmed in all the room for about 15minuets. after half an hour lauren and tress went in room 4

1:30 Had a break to disuss what we had experienced, Tressa was listening to some of her EVP and caught a voice, a little girls voice on the recorder, a little girl fits all the stories. Tressa and Lauren also experience lots of cold spots.

2:40 We decied to give it one more hour, so we all went into room 4, which had seen more acitvity than the rest and seemed to be where the little girl was. Net and Tressa decied it might be a good idea to start reading a story to see if the little girl would react. experience a lot of cold spot around tressa.

3:30 Pack up and called it a night.

11:00 Am Going though the evidence.