Nigel Wright


Imagine,if you can,not knowing quite what sort of ghost,or other type of spirit,would suddenely make itself at home,in your very own front room!..

This is what can happen if,like my family, you find yourself unlucky enough to have a

portal situated in your home!

This is what happened, at our old family home, in Exmouth,Devon.It was not a rambeling,

old statly home, but a very normal, 50 year-old council house, on a run-of-the-mill estate.

We bought it, hoping to

turn it into a nice family house for my wife and I, and our two children.As the alterations started, we noticed things happening.

objecgts began to dissappear from tables etc, and suddenly re-appear on bedroom floors, and other odd places!

We soon

established that the children were not to blame, mainly because these events often happened after the children were asleep.

As time went on, the events became far more dramatic!..Furniture began to move on its own, my family began to see ghosts of children,soldiers,


Indeed, my daughter, who was very young at that time, even had conversations with the ghosts of two children,

in her bedroom!.My wife,Sue, is a naturial medium, and is fully clairavoant. She had conversations in our bedroom with a man,

dressed in full victorian clothes, top hat,etc, who hated woman!, and a soldier, who stood by me, in bed, whilst I was fast asleep,

and wanted to cut my head off with his ghostly sword!

Together with these rather frighting visitors, we also had the ghosts

of a nurse,doctor, and a small dog!, visit our home!, things began to turn nasty!.heavy dressing tables and bookcases full of my reference books,

began turning over, on thier own!,often late at night. This was frighting not just us, but the children. So, my wife and

called in two meduims, from a local church, to perform a closing service, on this portal.

I had been involved in the paranormal world for severial years, but had never seen such a service. We all stood around a small table. In the middle

was a large lit candle, the medium performed the formal words to close the portal, it was then that a strange sense of peace

came over the room, and all of us stood there. It had closed.The medium then recited the whole story of our home to us.

apprently it stood on the site of crimean millatary hospital! Our back garden, the edge of which backed up onto the front room wall,

right by the site of the portal, had been the site of a truma ward, reserved for the worst injured! no wonder we had ghosts!

Did the haunting stop?..yes!..Did we feel happy about it? begin with, but then we missed our "our world" friends.

If anything, I, as a paranormal researcher and journalist, should have been like a child let loose in a sweet shop,

but in truth, I was very happy to have the peace of our home fully restored! it did, however, enable me to obtain hundreds of

pictures of orbs, and even a fog-like second stage of haunting!..So!,

there you are, the story of our house with a portal.I suppose we were very lucky not have had more evil spirits come our way.No-one becamr possessed, no curses were placed upon us, but we cetainly had some very intresting visitors!!.