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Spode Hall Armitage



Ever since i moved to Rugeley there has been plenty of talk regarding the SPODE HALL.

this ranges from ghost of monks, candle lights seen a church that has not been used in a 

A very long time etc.

Now most of the time it is just says so but this place has interested me for some time. Over a 

100 years ago this place was a place of worship that houses a number of monks. This is some 

Of its history

†Hawksyard Hall was bought by the Dominican Order in 1896 who built a new priory within 

The grounds which was originally occupied by nuns of the order until the early 20th century 

At which time the nunnery was changed to a monastery and run by the monks as a boarding 

School for boys. The extensive gardens of the Priory and Hall include a rock-hewn cave 

This was said to have been constructed by unemployed minors in the late-19th century on 

the orders of the master of Spode Hall. The buildings of the former priory have found new 

use as Hawksyard Priory Nursing Home which was opened on the site in 1989 after the 

Dominicans left. The buildings of Hawkesyard Hall itself have been restored and are now 

being used as a “prestigious office complex"

, while the grounds of the original deer park have now been converted into a golf course†

Now this may be a cold trail for me but will keep you posted with the updates of what i can 

find if anything