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Welcome To RSS paranormal Blog, we will be able to keep you up to date on events as they happen

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it has been a while since a blog but we have had some changes, we have a new team which is fantastic and new and upcoming investigations 
February 2015, well R.S.S have joined a working force with Pretty on the inside to bring you investigations and ghost walks, this is going to be fantastic. of course we will still be doing our own investigations but with the events the public can now attend 
more investigations to follow you guys are going to love this 
well R.S.S is now on facebook as well as twitter now so happy 
blog update 27/4/2014, well it has been a while since i have updated the blog but much is happening in the supernatural world, as well as sorting out new investigations we have had also some private investigations, 2 new pages will be on the site soon also a public page where you can submit your personal accounts of paranormal/supernatural and also the team are completing a history look at some of the supernatural myths 
03/06/2013 - loads of investigations set up for R.S.S this year, old RAF bases, old forts, urban legends, the works cannot wait to get started 
5 days left until the Rugeley Supernatural Society holds its first public seminar so excited 
17/4/12, R.S.S are now live on Twitter (RugeleyS) and Youtube please follow us 
11/3/12 a friend of mine came to me after capturing some film footage of a manifistation on video. i am currently looking into the footage and a EVP session i have competed at the property more info to come ha 
8/3/12 so many paranormal oportunities have arisen so we are looking into going further afield then Rugeley keep you posted 
12.02.12, it has been a while since i made a blog but investigators have come and gone and work has taken a toll but we are back and ready for action 
Things are still active in this area. i now have more pictures with in my possesion that show "orbs" that i will have to look. I have had the picture (face caught on camera) in one of my blogs) checked by a camera expert. this is no fake yes NO FAKE. He has checked the camera for problems and also checked to see if the person who provided the picture could fake the shot. yes you can try and fake the shot but then it does look fake. I know myself who took this picture as i was there at the time of the picture being taken and i looked at the picture straight away, i can say i know this person could not have done anything to it.... i am having one of my paranormal friends to have a look at my finding.... i have to be very sceptic for the moment still but the more find the more interesting it becomes.  
18/4/11 Well it is now April sorry some stuff we have done is not updated yet but as you know it takes time, the RSS group have more investigations in the pipe line whtch this space 
DECEMBER 2010: Another year is about to close shortly and cannot understand stand how quick the year has gone, i will hopefully planning more investigations at st johns baptist church in Armitage in next few months so will keep you posted and looking into the history of a few more places before i decide to investigate, hope you all have a merry christmas and a happy new year 
January 2011 Happy New year to everyone, hope you enjoy our site this year 
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